We build websites that are designed specifically for art. We create innovative art experiences so you can show your art to the world in the best way possible. Artist's websites, truly built by artists - for artists.

Art Screen


We look at how art exists in the real world and translate it online. Artdip allows a viewer of your work to not just see your art, but to experience it. Our innovative gallery room view allows viewers to truly understand the scale and impact of your work. Click on the image to see how it works.



What makes your art special is the detail. The work that goes into your art should not be lost online. Too often we view small, blurry, low resolution photos of art online. We allow you to upload the largest images of your work. Viewers can examine the details of your art & get a true understanding of the effort that goes into creating a beautiful work of art. Click on the image to see how it works.

Art Detail

It's that good. And simple to use.

Artdip is super-easy to use. We focused on cutting out all unnecessary clutter & focused only the features that artists really needed. We designed Artdip so that artists can spend less time on their website and more time on the thing they are best at, creating art.


Art Pages

Every page in an Artdip website has been designed specifically with art in mind. Each page is carefully crafted with the needs of the artist in mind.


We believe understanding the scale and seeing the detail of a painting can be experienced online. We believe the form of a sculpture can be understood. We believe the immersion of an installation can be created. We make online gallery experiences that are focused on displaying artworks in the best way possible.


We see the artist's journal as an important insight into the practice of an artist. We have created a journal, similar to a blog which has been adapted to become a vital tool for artists to engage with fans of their work. You can post work-in-progress shots, behind the scenes and updates from the studio. A modern sketchbook the world can see.


Coming soon! We are currently working on allowing ecommerce transactions through Artdip. Soon, you will be able to sell your original work, limited editions and more, easily and beautifully through Artdip.

Looks Good Everywhere.

Your website will look great on any device. Mobiles and tablets are becoming one of the prefered ways of viewing art online and your work will look great everywhere it is experienced.