What is Artdip?

Artdip is an online portfolio service for artists. Artdip has been created in order to make it easy for you to showcase your artwork online. You can learn more about Artdip's features on the main site or on our about page.

Is Artdip secure?

We take security seriously. Artdip is hosted on Amazon, an industry leading web host.To keep your data safe, we use up-to-date security measures, various encryption techniques, a rock-solid firewall and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the transfer of sensitive information such as passwords.

Is content backed up in case of emergency?

System-wide backups are performed each and every day so we can recover your work in case of an emergency. Those backups are stored "off site", so should anything happen to the datacenter we're hosted in (natural disaster), we will still be able to recover your work.

You should not be using Artdip as a backup service for your work. You should always keep backups of your work locally on a Hard Drive or DVD. You can also use dedicated online services such as Dropbox. You content is super safe with us, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

What browsers do you support?

Artdip supports supports the last 2 stable releases of all major browsers including Internet Explorer(8+), Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

What are templates?

Templates determine how your portfolio will look to your site's visitors. Templates are essentially pre-designed websites which you populate with your work. Each template has a different design allowing you to change the look of your site by simply changing the template used.

New templates will be designed frequently.

What does Medium specific Design mean ?

Artdip's aim is to showcase art in the best way possible. We believe that each medium needs to be displayed in specific way. For example paintings should be displayed differently than sculpture for instance. By starting with the medium first we can then create the best way to display that artwork online.

Our first medium will be painting. We will focus on showing the scale and detail of this medium. We will be adding other media as soon as we can.

Are your templates responsive?

Yes, all of our templates are designed and developed to be responsive. Some designs may be more adaptive than responsive — that is, they are not 100% fluid layouts — but rest assured that the templates look great on both devices large and small.

Do you support my language?

Currently, Artdip is only available in English. As we continue to build out features we will work to support additional languages.


What is the Admin section ?

This is where you can manage your site, create pages, add artworks and write journal posts on your artdip site. Basically, it is where you create the content that will be seen by the public on your artdip website.

You will see when you sign in we have created 3 pages for you. Work, About & Journal. Populate these with your own images and details and you'll be ready to publish live to the internet.

What is the Walkthrough ?

When you first sign up to Artdip there will be a walkthrough to help you get up and running with Artdip. You will also find your personal URL there, which you can share with people interested in your artwork.

How do I update my settings ?

In the admin section click on settings in the left hand sidebar. You can update your contact settings from here. You can also change your password and link social media accounts under "User settings".

What image formats do you support?

Currently, we support .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png image file types. We do not support animated gifs.


How do I create a page ?

From the admin section. Click on "Create new page" Fill out the name and description and hit "Save". You will see your new page at the top of the second admin column.

How do I delete or edit a page ?

From the Admin section click the page you wish to view. At the top of the page you will see "View", "edit", "Delete" - Click your option and confirm.

What is "Work", "About", "Journal" ?

These are the default pages we have created to help you get started. You can replace the placeholder images and information with your own artwork and details. You can delete these pages and add your own.

What is a Journal ?

A journal is like a blog. A place where an artist can post thoughts, ideas & images - things that may not be finished works ready to be included in the "Work" section. The Journal should be a place for artists to show their process, their inspiration and how they work.

How do I create different groups of artworks ?

From the admin section go to "Create New Gallery" and fill out the details. This will create a new image gallery for your work.